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Ask Me Why I Hate My Mother-in-Law

Title: Ask Me Why I Hate My Mother-in-Law
Author: loverstar
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Alexis, Sherri Padalecki, and Chad
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Milo
Word Count: 8,110
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: boy kissing and marriage
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: these people belong to themselves
Beta: thelonejuliet (who helped from beginning to end) and buyo105 (who cheered me on and gave did a quick beta check).
Author's Note(s): Written for abouttwoboys, based on the movie Monster In Law.
I'd like to thank the beautiful and talented thelonejuliet for all her help. I'd also like to thank buyo105 who helped majorly and provided the lovely movie poster! Also thanks sazzy_angel for the header for this story!
Summary: Jensen finds the perfect mate in Jared. Too bad Jared's mother doesn't agree in their happily-ever-after.

Jensen never thought he'd accomplish a lot of the things he'd managed in his life. He was working his way through college and picking up as many jobs as he could for the fun of it. Jensen had always felt obligated to help even if all he really needed was one job to get the bills and necessities paid. Well, it's good that he decided to have so many jobs because all the extra money helps with other things.

Kids are big on toys, and when you're alone raising a child, toys and a strong parent are pretty much necessities. Especially for his little boy.

“Jimmy! Don't put that in your mouth!” Jensen exclaims to a little boy with mocha colored skin and big bouncy curls that he spots by himself at the corner table. The boy smiles up at Jensen like the cat that ate the canary - or in this case, the crayons.

“Aww, Jimmy,” he says with a sigh, picking the little boy up from the table.

He makes sure Jimmy spits everything out of his mouth when they get to the bathroom down the hall from the playroom. It's weird how messy Jimmy gets right when Jensen is talking to his teacher. One second he's there next to his father, the next he's off finding whatever he can fit into his mouth.

As he exits the bathroom, Jensen side rams a guy with Jimmy in his arms and knocks him to the floor. Jensen waits for the man to dust himself off and get up so Jensen can apologize. But as soon as their eyes meet, he freezes in place.

This guy happens to be the same guy he keeps seeing all over town.

It started at the bookstore where Jensen helps out on the weekends, the only two days he'll let Milo take Jimmy because he has to work late shifts. Jensen had to admit he acted like a klutz because he didn't look where he was going and slammed the book cart into a wall. That first time he dismissed it.

The second time he saw him was at the movies when he and Jimmy went out to have some fun. He even dismissed that.

But now…

Now the guy is right in front of him, so Jensen does the first thing that comes to mind. He turns around and runs straight out of the building. Ignoring the man's and Jimmy's protests.

He begins to think that someone is seriously messing with him when Alexis alerts him her art show is at the Realm gallery, and Jensen must show up. It's not like he was going to be alone anyways. Chad's going to be there as always, commenting on everyone's bad taste and aura, while giving all the best compliments to Alexis Bledel's best work ever. The only problem is after he drops off Jimmy with the babysitter and gets ready, he once again meets the mysterious man that must be stalking him.

When Jensen spots him on the floor mingling with all the people, he hides in another room.

He is so busy looking out for the guy that when Chad comes up behind him and places a hand on Jensen's shoulder, he jumps. Chad is taken aback by his friend's over-alertness.

“Dude, is someone looking for you or something?” Chad takes a peak outside, checking to see if anybody looks suspicious.

“You see the guy over there to your right, in the corner? He's the stalker I told you about.” Jensen points to make sure Chad spots the guy.

Chad laughs, “Dude, you're hiding from Jared Padalecki? He's a freaking teddy bear! Why would you think…”

“Okay, whoa back up. When you say Jared Padalecki, do you mean the son to Sherri Padalecki? The State Senator?”

Chad walks over to the nearby table, picking up a glass of champagne the waiter just set down. “No, man, I'm talking about the other rich and successful Padalecki’s who have a son who's a lawyer,” he huffed. “Who else would I mean, Jensen?” He paused for a moment, taking a long sip of champagne. “He's actually one of the sons. She has two sons and a daughter.”

Jensen looks back out the door and notices how the stalk- Jared looks around the room, as though he's looking for someone. He seems disappointed when someone interrupts his search to speak with him.

“Wow, he looks miserable.” Looking at Jared's lonely face, Jensen feels a little guilty about the way he's behaved.

“Maybe you should stop acting like Jimmy and get your ass out there to go talk to him.” Before Jensen can do anything, Chad gives him a violent shove out - and, of course, right where Jared could spot him.

“God, Chad had to be an asshat tonight!” Jensen says to himself in frustration. He checks if Jared is anywhere nearby so he can hide from him.

“Chad's talented like that. It's like a seek-and-make-miserable tactic, if you ask me.”

Too late to hide.

And for the life of himself he can't think of anything to do, so he goes on instinct and tries to get away.

“Wait,” Jared gently grabs a hold of his wrist. “Before you run away, I just thought I'd ask your name first. I keep on seeing you, and you ran off from the daycare when I was visiting a client.”

For the first time tonight, Jensen sees a real smile on the man's face, one that actually reaches his eyes with dimples and all.

That only serves to make Jensen blush. He's more than a little embarrassed that he was caught.

“You know there are plenty of guys like you, who play it all sweet and smooth-talking. How do I know you don't just want one thing?” Jensen questions, looking him straight in the eye.

Jared falls silent, as if lost in deep thought.

Jensen nods and turns to get out of the way.

“You have pretty green eyes that probably glow when you laugh.” Jensen stops in his tracks, stunned. With his back still to Jared, Jared continues, knowing he has his attention.

“You look like the kind of guy who doesn't believe in second chances, but all I've got to say…” Jared reaches out and turns Jensen to him. “…all I need is one chance.”

That's all it takes.

Jensen laughs, all bright and warm, eyes glowing green like Jared predicted. “My name is Jensen, Jensen Ackles.”

“Well Jensen, I'm Jared Padalecki, and I was wondering if you would accompany me to dinner. I was planning on leaving here anyways.”

“Well Jared, I'd be honored.”

They walk out together, arm-in-arm, the beginning of a great relationship.

“It's about time. I thought he'd never go for it,” Alexis exclaims when she sees Jensen and Jared walk out. “Nice job, Chad,” she praises, rising a glass in cheers.

“It was my pleasure, and I'm sure it'll be Jensen's too.”

They laugh as they clink their glasses and sip their champagne.

It's one year, 8 months and six days later when Jared Tristan Padalecki decides to propose to the best thing that ever walked into his life. Jensen Ross Ackles.

Jared knows just about everything that he could possibly know about Jensen. He knows that Jensen hates to be alone at parties because he feels dumb by himself. He knows there was once another guy he raised Jimmy with. A guy, Jensen repeats, that is of the past. He also knows that Jensen is, in fact, the father of Jimmy because they decided to have a surrogate mother.

He knows Jensen from his past to his future, which he hopes Jensen will decide to spend with him, together, from now on.


Jensen finds a single rose right next to a picture frame he's sure he didn't see there before. Jensen looks at the picture before seeing anything else. It's a goofy picture Jensen took of Jared and Jimmy when they went to the skating rink. His son was so small skating fluently on the ice; Jared was enormous but skating with just as much grace. Jensen smiles at the memory. It really was hard to find a guy who could share his affection with a lover and a child equally.

Then Jensen turns to the rose, seeing a note right next to it.

Will you marry me?

Jensen's pretty sure he read those words correctly.

That's when he hears a childish giggle from Jimmy. Jensen nearly forgot that the child was with him.

Jensen turns and bends to Jimmy's height. "Hey Jimmy, what's so funny?"

With glee, the boy raises his small hands to show Jensen a velvet box.

"Jared said that you need this to get married."

Jensen just smiles, grin splitting his face, when he sees Jared come in.

“I think Jared's right.”

He barely contains himself from jumping on Jared and kissing him with passion. He really does love the man.

They both have to stop when Jimmy protests. “Aw daddy, go get a room!”

Jensen throws his head back as he laughs.

Jared raises an eyebrow. “He's spending way too much time with Chad.”

First Impressions are key when meeting your mother in law

Jensen thinks that tonight everything will go peachy if he stops acting like a nervous wreck. He's trying to collect himself in the mirror of his bathroom. He's only meeting Jared's family for the first time ever. It's odd that they've been together for a while and Jensen has never once met Jared's family. Well, better late than never, they say.

Jimmy and Jared are already nicely dressed to have dinner, waiting for Jensen to get out of the bathroom.

“Jen, come on. You look fine! We're going to be late to dinner!” Jared says banging on the bathroom door.

Jensen takes a big cleansing breath, trying hard to summon away all his fears. He walks out of the bathroom with some confidence.

“Ok, let's do this.”

As Jensen parks the car in the front, Jared and Jimmy make their way to the front door. After Jared knocks a couple of times, the door swings open.

“Well Jared, boy, you better give me a hug!”

Samantha Ferris is the maid that had taken always care of the Padalecki’s, for as long as Jared can remember and probably even before that. And maybe, if he were going to be honest, he saw more of her as a child than he did his own mother. She had indeed been very fond of Jared, not having any children of her own, the Padalecki kids served to fill that void, with the youngest boy having a special place in her heart.

Jared easily hugs her tightly, wrapping his long arms almost all the way around her.

“Look Jimmy, this is Samantha. She's really the woman you wanna impress," Jared says with a big smile.

“Yup,” Samantha agrees, also hugging the small boy. “Here let me take your coats.”

They hand her the coats so she can go hang them up. Just then Sherri appears at the door.

“Hello darling!” Sherri Padalecki greets Jared and captures him in a warm embrace. “You haven't visited in a while.”

Jared's about to explain when the tiny hand of a nervous five-year-old tugs at his leg so he could be held. Jared reaches to pick him up.

“Well who's this cute little boy? Is there something you're not telling me Jared?” She touches Jimmy's nose and admires his cute little face. “He's so precious.”

“His name is Jimmy, Mother,” Jared murmurs; it was quiet but knows his mother caught what he said.

Sherri pulls away a bit, just slightly surprised. She thought maybe the little boy was what he came over to tell her about.

Jensen arrives from parking the car in the front to see Jared and his mother talking. Sherri tries to hide the look of surprise on her face as she sees the man come up behind Jared. It's not because he's a man; no she came to terms with her son being gay a long time ago. It's just this particular man isn't right for her son, isn't what she had in mind when she pictured her future son-in-law. He's bumbling and fumbling up the stairs, clothing disheveled and wrinkled and a lot more worn than any future Padalecki should ever wear.

Jared thinks it's perfect to introduce them right then.

“Jen, this is my mother. Mother, this is my fiancé, Jensen and his son, Jimmy.”

Jensen thrusts out his hand in her direction, and she tries not to sneer down at it, tries not to look affronted that she's actually supposed to touch him. It wouldn't be very good manners on her part after all. The touch is fleeting, however, and she waits for him to stutter through his name before she plasters on a fake smile. “Well what are you doing still outside? Come on in! You need to make plans and tell your brother and sister, Jared!”

Jared smiles at Samantha as she takes Jensen's coat and then grabs Jensen's hand before he follows his mother down the long hallway to the dining room. He gives the hand a light squeeze when he realizes Jensen is shaking, and Jensen gives a curt nod in return before removing his sweaty palm from Jared's.

“Dinner is all ready, you boys have a seat!”

As they have dinner, her doubts about Jensen grow while the rest of the Padalecki family seems to really like Jensen. He laughs with her husband and playfully argues with her eldest son over who is going to win Sunday's big game while her daughter giggles and blushes at him behind her hand. Sherri doesn't know why she's the only one who can see just how wrong for Jared he really is.

All she knows is that she has to do something to make him go away.

Let your secrets stay secret

Over the planning of the Padalecki-Ackles wedding, Sherri has been digging up all the dirt she can find on Jensen. She was able to get a hold of all his records, anything she was able to find useful to her.

Sherri was going through some new stuff she found on Jensen when she came across something very interesting. Jimmy's birth certificate that confirmed the baby was his biologically, but there was another signature on the paper. A signature that Sherri did indeed recognize, a signature that belonged to one Milo Ventimiglia.

Milo was a very close friend to Jared growing up. Jared wanted to invite him for the wedding, but Milo was working in Canada for the Record Company he was working for. Jared didn't want to make him come all the way down to Texas for just a wedding, but Sherri's pretty sure she can pull a couple of strings.

She know it may seem selfish what she's doing. All of this would surely sabotage the wedding, but she can't let her successful son - the best damn lawyer around - marry a boy with no hope and one child.

“Sherri, are you sure you want to go through with this? I mean, this is the kind of thing that ruins a bond between mother and son,” Samantha tries to talk her employer out of this wild idea she has. It doesn't exactly work.

“This is exactly the thing that will bring us together, Samantha. I don't like the idea of this tramp of a boy marrying my son. He's not right.”

“Well who is right for him? Tom Cruise?”

“No, just not someone who doesn't know what he wants in life!”

“He's seems like a really good kid to me and from what I can tell, Jared's nuts about him and his son.” Samantha knows Sherri won't break, and she really doesn't want to be a part of trying to break Jared and Jensen up.

Sherri doesn't say anything to that. She knows in her mind what she's doing is right.

“I'm going to call the wedding planner. There are going to be some changes in the arrangements.”

Samantha hands her the phone. “I don't want anything to do with this, Sherri. You deal with this on your own.” Samantha simply walks away to go see if Jeff or Megan need anything.

Sherri takes a deep sigh and dials the wedding planner's phone number. “Yes, this is Sherri Padalecki. I wanted to talk about the band and a couple of changes for my son's wedding. I'd appreciate if you keep this a surprise.”

They were going to be surprised all right.

If you think your Mother-in-Law is the devil's spawn, she probably is.

Jensen will be glad if just one thing today goes right for him. The band Jensen had requested was booked for another gig, the decorations he wanted were all wrong and his brother's flight might be coming in late. It's like someone was working against him, trying to ruin his wedding. It all got a hell of a lot worse when he arrived to the nice Church they wanted their wedding at.

Jensen walks in to see Milo talking with Jared.

Someone really does hate him up there.

Milo laughs at Jared, punching him playfully in the arm. “So, who is the lucky guy who fell for the rich, freaky lawyer?”

Jared has a huge puppy-grin on his face when he nods his head behind Milo. “That lucky guy right there.”

Jensen would be flattered at that if his ex-everything wasn't standing right next to the man he is to soon marry.

It's now when the two of them are standing next to each other that Jensen notices just how wrong Milo was for him. He thinks that youth and Milo are to blame for all his past mistakes. The only two great decisions that Milo ever made was mentioning having a child and standing him up at the altar. It's made it easier for him and Jimmy in the long run.

Milo's face falls right onto the floor with shock when he figures out Jared is pointing at Jensen. “Jen? Where's Jimmy?”

It doesn't really surprise him that Milo still cares deeply about Jimmy. They do share custody, after all. Jimmy was so upset when Milo moved up to Canada. It's been really hard for them to keep in touch, but they've managed it without Jared finding out. Until now.

“I'm letting Alexis take care of him until I go pick her and Chad up. It's nice to see you down in Texas again. Jimmy is dying to hear about Canada. They're at my apartment if you want to call him,” Jensen suggests. It's a ploy so he can talk to Jared and explain.

“Yeah, I'll do that.” Milo remembers about Jared and turns to him. “Well congrats man, um… I hope you don't let this one go.” With that he goes to talk to his son on his cell, leaving a speechless Jared with a very nervous Jensen behind.

Jensen takes a deep breath, trying to muster as much strength as he could. “Listen Jared, I may have left out a minor detail or two about Jimmy's other parent.”

Jared scoffs, “Really Jen? Minor? You forgot to mention the other parent is Milo! My good friend, Milo! I just… Jen, how come you never said anything?”

Jensen just stares down at the floor, feeling very insecure about all of this. “Jared, bringing up Milo is having to bring up a huge chuck of my past that I'm not exactly proud of…And I -”

Jared just lifts up his hand to stop Jensen. “Look, I have to go find a band that'll play at the wedding before everything gets booked up. My mom wants you to meet her at the flower shop so can figure out which ones you want.”

Jared walks away, trying to calm himself down before he explodes everywhere. He doesn't want to fight with Jensen about it and make it all worse.

Jensen sighs and calls Alexis to let her know it'll be a while before he can pick them up.

Time to shop for flowers with Sherri Padalecki. Joy.

They had seen every flower that Sophia's Garden had to offer. Every single one was exotic and just about perfect so picking isn't exactly an easy task. Jensen has narrowed it down to about five flowers that he thought would be perfect for the reception.

“Well Jen, honey, those just won't do. Yellow roses, just aren't great for weddings.” This wasn't the first time she shot down his choice. “How about magnolias?”

This might take a while.

When Jensen finally goes to get Alexis, Jimmy and Chad, he spills exactly how he feels about one Mrs. Sherri Padalecki.

“She's an overly controlling b- witchy woman whose main purpose is to ruin my wedding!”

Jensen sits ramrod straight in the driver's seat, hands knuckle-white on the steering wheel, and his distress evident to everyone as he drives through the busy streets. He knows he shouldn't talk about Jared's mom like that - she's going to be family after all - but she's being completely unreasonable.

He isn't sure how much more of the woman he can take.

"She is a ruthless old lady, I tell you!"

He glances into his rearview then and notices a car hanging back and following slowly. Jensen's usual suspicious demeanor takes a backseat to his anger, though, and he keeps right on ranting about his future mother-in-law. It's a few minutes and a number of turns later, however, when he realizes the car is still following behind him. He certainly can't panic with his son in the car - and maybe it's just his imagination. Sherri Padalecki has been driving him nuts all day; it's no wonder he'd start hallucinating things.

He takes note of the car anyway, files the model and make away for later and pulls into the lot of the restaurant where the four of them will be having lunch. He watches as the car speeds up and passes by. It's definitely weird, but he shakes the thought away to help his son from the car and to inform Alexis and Chad how no wedding of Sherri Padalecki's will have votive candle centerpieces.

"Do you know how much candelabras cost?" Jensen asks Alexis. “Way too much to consider! I don't even care if she's rich!”

“Well look who's a regular bridezilla. God, Jen you're worse than Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds,” Chad laughs as he helps Jimmy open his toy from McDonald's.

Alexis turns to slap Chad in the head for his stupid comment. She's satisfied when he yelps at her hit, and she returns a smile back to Jensen.

“Look Jenny, it's all going to be perfectly fine. We're going to have the walk-through and the rehearsal dinner soon. No matter what she tries to do, she can't ruin your wedding day.”

The words make Jensen feel a little more confident, knowing that of course the artist is right. Nothing his mother-in-law can do will take this away from him.

As they leave the restaurant, Chad is the one to break through the comfortable silence that Alexis and Jensen are having. “Guys, I think that car is tailing us.”

“Chad cars don't have tails!” Jimmy informs Chad.

Jensen looks in his rear-view mirror. “He means someone's following us, Jimmy.”

He takes a sharp turn on to Baker Street and goes through there; luckily the guy backs off him after that.

“Ok, that is just a little too weird right now,” Alexis says while she's looking around, hoping no one else is following them.

“Man, someone is out to get you, Jen,” Chad says in a serious tone of voice.

Jensen puts his head to the wheel to actually think about everything that's happened over the course of the day. All the weird occurrences that seemed to happen after he met with Sherri Padalecki this afternoon. There seems to be only one logical explanation for this.

“I think Sherri's having me followed.”

Everyone stays silent - even Jimmy, who seems lost to the whole situation.

“Jimmy, you're going staying with Jared tonight, okay? And don't tell him whatever was said today, okay?” Jensen looks back to his son to make sure he understands.

Jimmy seems very confused but nonetheless zips his mouth and throws away the key. “I will daddy, promise.”

Jensen laughs at the big smile Jimmy puts on. Then he tells Alexis and Chad, “The Padalecki family is out getting a bunch of stuff for the wedding. We're just going to drop by and take a look around.”

“You know I'm in man,” Chad agrees.

They both look towards Alexis wait for her response.

“You both know it wouldn't be snooping without me there.”

Jensen smiles as he turns back around to drop Jimmy off with Jared.

While Jimmy's playing with his toys, making a mess with his batman action figures, Jared's making calls for the band.

“Hey, Christian Kane! Man I haven't seen you since college, man!” Jared says to his old best friend who he really wants to attend the wedding. He's sure that Chris would be able to play at the reception. Back in college, Chris was the hottest guitar player this side of Texas and a pretty good singer, too.

“Son, you need to pick up the phone more often. Life on the road sucks sometimes. How's that new fiancé I hear about?”

Good old' Chris always knows what's going on.

“Well, some problems have come up and we don't have a band booked -”

Chris laughs, “Don't say no more, son. Hell, you know I'll be there.”

“I was hoping you'd say that, man. I was hoping you wouldn't mind being the best man either,” Jared adds.

“I'd be pissed if you didn't ask,” Chris assures him, glad for the opportunity.

They have no trouble finding all the records, pictures and other info Sherri has on Jensen. Like they predicted, no one is home at the Padalecki house, due to all the wedding plans and shopping that needs to be done.

Alexis shuffles through all the stacks of papers. “Wow, she's been getting some dirt on you. This old lady isn't kidding around.”

Jensen sighs deeply, trying to digest the entire situation. “She's the one who's been screwing with everything. My wedding plans, everything.” He pauses. “This is war.”

That's when Samantha decides to show herself. “And what would war be without allies, boy?” she asks with a smug smile in place. “I happen to love Jared like a son and if you care so much, we need to get Sherri to understand. If we attack her, we go for the weak spot.”

Chad points to Samantha. “Oh I like the way she thinks.”

When Jensen arrives at home after making plans with Sam, Chad and Alexis, he's greeted with his little boy on the couch in Jared's arms. He sees toys thrown in a little pile in the corner and a book on the floor near the couch. Jensen smiles, glad to see how soft and gentle Jared is with his son. It's funny how easy it is for Jared to act like a second father to Jimmy without feeling any pressure.

Jensen puts his keys on the counter before he walks up to his son and fiancé, who are both fast asleep. He leans in to press a kiss to Jimmy's forehead, watching his small forehead crinkle while he shifts to a more comfortable position. Jensen can't resist pressing a kiss to Jared's soft lips, as if silently apologizing for not tellinghim about Milo.

He pulls away only to be pulled back by his wrist, Jared's way of saying, I forgive you.

“I was being a jackass. You know I love you, right?” Jared questions in a whisper to make sure Jimmy doesn't wake up.

“If I didn't know would I be wearing your ring?” Jensen emphasizes by flashing his engagement ring.

Jared just beams with happiness, soaking in something that feels better than winning any case. “No, I guess you wouldn't,” he whispers.

War (All is not always fair.)

Jensen thinks that maybe he's been playing this game all wrong from the start. Samantha was right about hitting her weakness, so he intends to fight fire with fire. She could trash his wedding, but he could still have some dignity.

Jared was invited to have lunch with his parents, just a simple celebration that Jensen is sure was meant only for Jared. But Jared insisted he go with him anyway, said that he was family.

It's the perfect way to set it his idea into motion.

Sherri's face practically falls when she sees Jensen by Jared's side, both of them arm-in-arm. Sherri Padalecki does not like it when her plans get ruined but she can't say anything in front of her son.

“Well hi, honey, glad you could make it. Megan, Jeff and your father went out to shop for wedding gifts. They said they'd be back soon.” She moves out of the way so they can both enter inside. As Jared and Jensen walk to the dining room, Sherri closes the door and follows behind them. “I thought it was just you coming, sweetheart?”

“Well we both weren't busy since Jimmy's at the daycare, and I figured it would be alright,” Jared explains, hoping its okay.

It's funny just how much Jared really wants his mom's approval. Jensen's pretty sure even if he doesn't have her approval, he's going to go through with marrying him anyway. That's all that really matters.

“Of course it is, honey.” The truth is, she doesn't like the idea of Jensen ruining a family gathering. Sherri knows he's just a rude tramp that's trying to steal her son. “Go on, go sit.”

Jensen walks up to Sherri right then after she tries to usher them away. Jensen was prepared, and takes her hand in a gentle manner. “Look, Sherri. I'm really glad that we have your blessing for this wedding, and there probably isn't any way to repay you, but I think I have something much better you can do at the wedding.”

On cue, Samantha comes out with a formal burgundy dress that looks hideous to Sherri. The color is all wrong and the dress is way too frilly for her liking. Sherri glances up at Jensen in awe, seeing a smile that contains a hint of smugness. It's then that she knows it was a set up by her son's fiancé. Samantha hands it to Sherri before walking away to continue her job and no doubt eavesdrop to find out what her reaction will be.

“Oh, I don't know what to say!” Sherri bursts into fake tears when she wraps her arms around Jensen. It was a good thing Jensen is wearing better clothes or she'd have to burn the ones she's currently wearing along with the dress she's holding.

“Aw, Sherri, it's not a problem. I hope you like it.” Jensen couldn't help but let his smile grow bigger.

Jared just grins like a fool at the display of them getting along. It's what he wanted most out of all of this, his mom's acceptance of Jensen. Jared sees that his mom's make-up is getting smudged. “Mom, let me get you some Kleenex.”

“Good idea, honey.” Sherri nods as her son goes to search for them. Then quickly she drops the act and shows a look of disgust.

“Well, I didn't know you had it in you. The old bridesmaid act is classy. Impressive.”

Jensen just smirks. “Well I know how to fight dirty, and this is a warning. Quit it with using my past against me, with all these stupid pranks!” Then he brings his voice low and menacing to say, “Or else you're going to regret it.”

If there is anything Sherri is not afraid of, it's threats. She is, after all, a senator. With her poker face on she replies, “Bring it on.”

“Oh, trust me. I will,” Jensen promises.

Make sure the rehearsal dinner is perfect.

It's the day before the actual wedding, and the rehearsal dinner is going as planned. Samantha brought up a very good plan that all four of them needed to help out with.

Jensen couldn't stop the grin that spread over his face every time he caught Alexis' eye across the room, or saw Samantha winking at him from the back. If all went well, Sherri Padalecki would be face-first in her food by the main course. What could possibly be more embarrassing for a state senator than being caught with egg on her face?

If Sherri was anything, it was proud. This would leave her mortified.

As planned, there are cameras recording the rehearsal dinner of the Padalecki-Ackles wedding. Samantha is going to bring out the drinks first and have Sherri drink one with a sleeping pill in it.

Meanwhile, Jared is all nervous in his suit, thinking of what to say as all of his friends come to congratulate him for his big victory, snagging a good husband to marry. Milo is one of the first friends to come up to him and shake his hand, as if it was the first time they'd met or something.

“I'm telling you this, man.” Milo points a finger with a warning tone at Jared. “Don't break his heart because you'd be letting the best man you'll ever know get away from you.”

Jared thinks that maybe those words were probably the best thing to help settle his nerves. “I think I really did pick the right guy for this Milo. Jen…he's everything.”

“I wish you guys luck.”

“Thanks, but we'll do fine on our own.” Jared grins widely.


It's an exercise in self-control for Jensen to not sit and stare at Sherri the entire time they're settling in with their drinks. He can hardly focus on the conversations that are going on around him, barely managing to smile and nod when he needs to, hoping he isn't making too much of a fool of himself and that everyone chalks it up to pre-wedding jitters.

He must be staring pretty blatantly, however, as Alexis kicks him hard in the shin from her spot next to him before laughing at whatever the man she is talking with has said. Jensen isn't so sure who he is. Actually, there is quite a number of people who he's never met before and if he weren't so pre-occupied with dosing the Monster-In-Law, he would have felt quite inadequate, severely out of place.

Finally, Samantha announces the start of dinner and everyone begins to shuffle from the parlor into the dining room. There's a bit of a commotion up front, and standing on his toes, Jensen can see Sherri sway on her feet slightly. He has to suppress a grin when Jared pushes past him and to the front of the group to grab hold of his mother, concern all over his face. Sherri merely brushes him off, though, laughing slightly, and Jensen can hear her blaming it on being exhausted from the wedding plans.

Yeah, it takes a lot of energy to ruin someone's life, Jensen thinks bitterly.

Everyone finds their seat; Sherri had made sure everyone had their place, the most influential people as close to her as possible while Jensen and his friends are seated at the end - Jensen's surprised he even gets to sit next to Jared.

Sam ushers out the hired wait staff with the evening's appetizer, some kind of soup Jensen didn't have a say in. Jensen's not sure he can hold anything down, but he has to make it look good and he sips what he can, keeping an eye on Sherri at the head of the table.

It's only a few minutes before he notices that the sleeping pill has really kicked in. Sherri's normally eloquent speech begins to come out slurred and botched, and Jensen tenses. It's the moment of truth and he really hopes everything turns out the way it's supposed to because he can't afford any screw-ups.

He feels Jared freeze next to him, and then it all happens in a matter of seconds. Sherri's spoon drops to the floor before she falls face first, her soup splashing up over the brim of the bowl. A few women scream and Jared calls for his mother as he climbs to his feet and rushes to her side. Another one of those men Jensen has never met before helps Jared lift his mother out of her dish, and Jared wipes her face while he checks for a pulse.

There are gasps all around and everyone starts talking at once, a few people shout for 911. The look of pure panic on Jared's face clenches something tight in Jensen's stomach but he knows that this is something that he had to do, had to prove to this woman that he isn't something to be toyed with.

Samantha rushes in to the rescue pushing the crowd back and away. “It's just her medication, these stupid sleeping pills can knock out a horse!” Samantha inspects her face, checks to see if her heart is still beating. “She's fine. The woman must have taken the wrong pills, nothing to be alarmed about,” she insures the crowd that is now breaking open so that they can go through.

“Now Jared, help me put your mama upstairs so she can rest. Jerry,” she points to Jared's father, “go get your wife a wet rag to put on her head.”

Jerry nods quickly following the wise maid's orders. “Ok come on, Jared.” With that they lift her up from both sides so one of her arms is slung around Jared's shoulders and the other around Samantha's.

Together, they carefully trudge up step-by-step so they can lay her gently on her bed.

Jensen pumps his fist in victory while the entire crowd is busy fussing over Sherri. “Man, victory really is sweet.”

Jensen then happily goes to look for Jimmy, who he last saw playing with one of Jared's little cousins at the dinner table. He figures he really needs to spend time with him since they've been so wrapped in everything else. And now that Mommy Dearest is a little occupied, he can find time to spend with his son.

“I swear if that boy is near crayons, he's going to get it.”

Maybe your mother doesn't hate you after all

It's about forty minutes until the ceremony that will bring Jared and Jensen together forever is about. If anything Jensen is just a mixture of every possible emotion there is. He thinks about all the moments he's had with Jared, how every moment since they met has been a bliss Jensen was never sure he'd find.

As he stares into the mirror in the bathroom of the beautiful church, he remembers the moment Jared first kissed him. That's when he knew Jared was special.

Jared is enough for Jimmy, that kind of father that will always be there, but most importantly, he's the perfect husband.

Jensen finally turns away from the mirror to walk out and wait for the start of his life with Jared to begin.

He's not waiting too long in the back room of the church before Chad and Jimmy come in to see him.

“Hey Daddy!” The little boy runs up to his daddy to be held up.

Jimmy's dressed in his little black tux, looking very handsome. Jared must have tied his bow because it looks nice and neat, the way Jared always does it.

“Alexis is trying to keep Jared from coming in here. If I had to stand guard, he'd tear right through me, but he can't hit Alexis,” Chad explains laughing.

“Ok, so I'm getting married,” Jensen says more to himself than to Chad or Jimmy.

“Yeah, Daddy. We know,” Jimmy grins because it's a happy day for him too.

“You're stunning in a white tux, Jen,” Chad compliments him. “No one can get in between you and this day. Not after that whole incident with Sherri.”

“I think I may finally be getting through to her.”

That thought comes crashing down when Sherri comes in to do her make-up, wearing a stunning white dress.

“What happened to the dress I bought for you to wear?” Jensen's face is getting flushed out of frustration with Sherri. He thought she'd learned her lesson after all this.

“I thought I'd wear something more appropriate. I loved your dress but this one has nice qualities too, don't you think?” she innocently asks, purposely trying to piss Jensen off.

“Chad, take Jimmy for me. His new grandma and I need to have a little chat.”

Chad take that as his cue to get at least twenty feet away from the room due to the amount of yelling that is no doubt was about to go on.

“You've got it man. C'mon, Jimmy, let's go talk to Jared.”

When Jensen's sure they're both a safe distance away, he finally snaps to Sherri.

“What more do you want from me, Sherri? You tried to use Milo to break up the wedding. You tried to destroy everything by messing up all my wedding plans. None of your ploys have worked! Why don't you just give up already?” Jensen is frantic as he yells at Sherri with his hands up in the air. He didn't expect such chaos the day of his wedding. He wishes he would have been prepared for this.

Sherri steps right in Jensen's face, about to say some wise comeback, before someone barges into the room with not so much as a warning knock.

This lady was old, judging by the wrinkles that were plastering her skin and her dry crackled lips. When Sherri looks the women straight in the eye, Jensen knows right off the bat that Sherri doesn't like her.

“Well Rebecca Padalecki. Nice of you to show up on your broomstick,” Sherri says in an icy tone.

The woman is none other than Jared's grandma. Who knew?

“Oh, is that the same broom that's currently up your ass?” Grandma Rebecca asks, voice dripping with delight at her comeback. “I wanted to see my grandson get married. You know, he did disobey you and invite me anyways,” she informs Sherri with a smug smile.

It dawns on Jensen that they may never get over this rivalry. When he sees Jared's grandma fighting with Sherri, the whole thing seems pointless. There's no way he's going to fight a battle that he won't win. For once, he has to stop being so stubborn.

Grandma Rebecca inspects to see if he meets the requirements. “My grandson did good. He picked way better than my son.”

“I'm surprised anyone got near him! No one was good enough!”

“Well, my son deserved better than some power hungry politician. I always figured he'd settle with some good, honest, hard-working gal! Hell, at least my grandson picked himself a nice man!” Grandma Rebecca retorts with an obvious low blow to Sherri. She may be a devil but no one deserves to hear that they're not good enough for their lover.

“Okay,” Jensen tries to settle their argument.

They just continue to bicker, ignoring Jensen's yells.

“At least I'm not some old hag who has nothing to fall back on but the cold, hard floor!”

“Enough!” Jensen exclaims.

Both women quit and just stare at him silently for a moment as Jensen tries to collect himself.

Jensen takes a deep breath before he finally speaks. “Look, Sherri, I don't want to end up like this. I'm not going to fight about what I want. If I can't have your blessing for this, Sherri, then…” Jensen pauses for a second before he admits his defeat, wanting to be sure that this is his choice. “Then I'll call off this wedding.”

With that Jensen runs off to look for Jared to confront him about the whole thing. Maybe they rushed into this too fast or thought they could do the impossible? Maybe it was all just one huge mistake.

Both of the old women stay there, a little dumbfounded at the situation. They just caused Jensen to call off the wedding over some stupid dispute.

Sherri should have felt happy, victorious, but she can't help but feel some remorse. She's no better than her own mother-in-law.

Just then Samantha walks in, obviously hearing everything that happened.

“Well you two ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You both have sunk so low as to ruin each other, and Sherri, here you are doing it to your own son's fiancé!” Samantha directs a nasty look toward Sherri, one which she will understand. “You better go stop that boy or it'll haunt you for the rest of your life.”

That's when Sherri decides that maybe what mattered all along was Jared's happiness. Not what she felt would make him happy.

She had to stop Jensen.

When he finally gets to Jared, he sees him with Jimmy on his lap, and his heart clenches. They're both having a talk about what they're going to do after the celebration.

“Are you going to surprise daddy?” Jimmy questions.

“Well you're just going to have to find out, huh?” Jared says, not falling for Jimmy's trap to tell him the secret location of their honeymoon.

Jensen feels bad that they won't get the chance to find out.

“Jared?” Jensen interrupts their conversation. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yeah, sure, Jen,” Jared agrees as he sees Jensen's serious face. He puts Jimmy down so he can talk to Jensen away from little ears.

“What's the matter?” Jared has his eyebrows raised in question, wondering what's going on.

“Jared, I know you're busy talking to Jensen but I have to speak with him. We have a huge problem,” Sherri tries to interrupt, appearing out of nowhere.

“Mom, I'm sure it can wait. Jensen has something he needs to say.”

With one last try she pleads, “Please.”

Jensen glances up at Jared, knowing that Jared's going to have to wait to get his heart broken. He doesn't know what else Sherri wants but he's just going to have to find out.

“What do you want Sherri?” Jensen has been driven to insanity with this woman.

“I want you to have my blessing. I want you to marry Jared. That's what I want,” she says in a low voice that Jensen can't really believe is hers. Is he really hearing these words from her mouth?

“But I thought -”

“I was wrong. Ok, Jensen? I didn't realize I was making the same mistake my mother-in-law made with me. I guess I was too busy thinking about what was wrong with you… I never stopped to think about how much Jared rambles on about you. Or what a great father he is to Jimmy…what a great father you are to Jimmy,” she admits.

They're both silent for a second because what the hell do you say to someone when they admit they were wrong? It's an awkward moment.

Then Sherri settles it by turning to Jensen. “Let's settle this and get you married, ok?” Sherri puts her hand out a sign of truce.

Jensen looks down at it for a second; he wants to her do something before they agree on a truce.

“On one condition,” Jensen says.


“When we have any other kids, or when Jimmy has any special events, you'll be there to spoil them rotten and give them all sorts of toys and candy behind our backs?”

Sherri just smiles. “I won't be a good grandmother if I don't.”

Jensen shakes her hand, finally ending this whole thing. For the first time out of love, Sherri embraces her son in law.

“Let's get you married, Ackles.”

After the ceremony, they have a huge gathering where Christian Kane's band plays for the lovely couple.

“So Jared,” Jensen says as he's feeding his now-husband a giant piece of wedding cake. “You never did tell me where we're going for our honeymoon.”

Jared takes the piece of cake Jensen feeds him and swallows it down before speaking. “How does the Caribbean sound?”

Jensen leans in to kiss Jared full on the lips, frosting still lingering on them. “Not as great as spending forever with you.”

Nothing was better than that.

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