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falling for the first time
6th-Feb-2014 12:11 pm - The Next Chapter
Art Title: The Next Chapter
Prompt Number: 2011
Artist: xloz_91x

Fic Title: The Next Chapter
Author: annie46
Fandom/Genre: J2, College-fic
Pairing(s): Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,584
Warnings: Bullying, unwanted sexual advances, hurt!Jared
Summary: Jensen has been Jared’s protector since Kindergarten; now they are older and in a relationship Jared really wants things to change. When Jared gets a place at Harvard, Jensen moves to the city with him and, finally, it looks like they are on an equal footing. Unfortunately, Jared didn’t reckon on a bully who seems intent on making his life a misery.
What will Jensen do when he finds out someone is hurting the man that he loves?

Art Link(s): Here
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3
8th-Jun-2013 11:08 pm - Sharing - a drabble
Title Sharing
Author: Annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jared/OFC
Rating: PG13
Warnings: A bit sappy
Summary: You have your father’s eyes
Disclaimers: Don’t own anything at all – not even the laptop this is typed on!

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24th-Feb-2013 12:07 am - Family
Title: Family
Author: Annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jared/Jensen – mention of others
Summary: He knows he has no right to feel jealous but he just wants them to be a family.(the idea for this story came from a comment in spn_gossip). Yeah I do go there - its fun!

Disclaimers: This is not true in any way. It is total fiction and no offence is meant.

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10th-Dec-2012 01:19 pm - Hiding in Plain Sight
Title: Hiding in Plain Sight
Author: annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s):Jared/Jensen – mentions of wives etc
Summary: Loving Jared is worth it (Slight spoilers for Season 8)
A/N For Debz – birthday porn as promised!! (with some birthday angst thrown in!!)

Disclaimer I don’t own any of the people in this story. This is made up

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ruby original by <lj user="marishna" />

Title: I Created the Sound of Madness

Authors: lipsticknguns & cosmo_naught

Beta: cosmo_naught

Rating: R

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Horror, Angst

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Word Count: ~3800

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Implied Non-Con 

Click here for story: (I Created the Sound of Madness)

Title: Prosthetic Love

Author: 2people2

Pairings: J2

Rating: Pg-13

Summary: After coming out to his parents at the age of 14, Jensen and his brother are in a horrible car accident that leaves his brother brain damages and him a double amputee. Now, 3 years later, the Ackles are moving to San Antonio for a fresh start, but escaping one thing can lead to even more trouble.

Warnings: Homophobia, slash, disabled characters.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything

Link to chapter 1:http://2people2.livejournal.com/2961.html
16th-Aug-2012 10:26 am - Stuck, [PG] Sam/Dean
ruby original by <lj user="marishna" />

Title: Stuck

Author: lipsticknguns

Rating: PG

Genre: H/C, Humor

Pairing: Sam/Dean 

Word Count: ~520

Summary: Dean’s tongue attaches itself to a Sno-Cone and doesn’t let go. :( For this prompt at hoodie_time.

Click here for story: (Stuck)

13th-Aug-2012 03:59 am - Papercut, [R] Sam/Dean
ruby original by <lj user="marishna" />

Title: Paper-cut

Author: lipsticknguns

Rating: R

Genre: Humor, H/C, Fluff

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Word Count: ~650

Beta: cosmo_naught

Summary: Dean gets a papercut and is his usual annoying, yet adorable self. Sam tolerates it. It's the Winchester version of foreplay.

Click here for story: (Paper-cut)

ruby original by <lj user="marishna" />

Title: Our Little Corner of the World

Author: lipsticknguns

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, Humor, Fluff, Smut

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Word Count: ~550

Beta: cosmo_naught

Summary: Sam doesn't know how to control his urges and Dean gets caught in the crossfire.

Click here for story: (Our Little Corner of the World)

20th-Jul-2012 07:22 pm - Sweet Surrender, [NC-17] Dean/Sam
ruby original by <lj user="marishna" />

Title: Sweet Surrender

Author: lipsticknguns

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: rough!Sammy, drunk!boys

Genre: Romance, Angst, First-Time 

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Word Count: ~2000

Summary: The boys get drunk, common sense goes out the window, and less-than-brotherly ideas are acted upon. 

Click here for story: (Sweet Surrender)

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